Monday, November 2, 2009

3 months old today!

Here are some of the latest pictures of how I'm looking...

What I'm doing with my time...
~ I sleep 5-7 hours at night
~ I wake up usually very happy and smiling
~ I talk/coo at the ceiling fan, or Mommy and Daddy
~ I kick my legs around like crazy (Daddy says I'm starting a fire)
~ I like to play under my playmat or sit in my chair, looking at the penguin or ladybug that hang from them
~ I recently discovered the awe of mirrors!
~ I like to be sang to and rocked..basically I love to be snuggled when I get sleepy

and when I'm not doing these things..I just relax and take it all in :)

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the Brokaws said...

He is too cute!! These pictures are just adorable!