Thursday, October 8, 2009

2 month checkup

Christian had his 2 month Dr appt on Tuesday. He now weighs 12 lb 6 oz and 23.5 in long. So he's growing and checked out just great. He had to get 3 shots :(...but the nurse was fast and he did good. We are blessed to have such a healthy baby.

At 2 months old Christian is...
-starting to sleep about a 6 hr stretch at night time
-smiling often, attentive when talked to
-doesn't quite "coo", but makes noises like he's trying to talk back
-holds his head pretty good, doesn't have full control yet
-loves to kick and stretch on the floor
-likes to look at the ceiling fan (when its stationary)
-growing!!! outgrowing more clothes, and almost ready for the next size diaper!
-in the 60% for weight and 67% for height
-still a very lovable, cuddly little baby :)

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