Tuesday, September 15, 2009

6 weeks old

Christian is 6 weeks old and continuing to grow! Here are some of the newest changes:
  • He gave me his first "real" smile on Sunday :)     (made his mama happy)
  • He focuses much better, and will follow with his eyes. He will just look and listen when talked to. He will also make many more noises (his way of talking I guess)
  • When lying down while awake, he is much more active. He will move his arms and legs all around. 
  • He is officially growing out of the clothes that were once way too big on him! 
  • We are still trying to figure out a nighttime schedule..but I'm hoping its coming along. Last night he slept 4 hours at a time, so that's a nice amount of sleep for me too!
  • His hair might be thinning a little on top..but still dark brown. 
  • He is still a good snuggler...his Daddy likes to do this while watching football!
He continues to bring much joy to our house. It's hard to believe that he is really ours sometimes, just such a blessing! And I'm really glad that I'm not back at work yet (6 weeks is when some go back, I plan on taking the full 12).

Here are some more pictures..I'm sure I have too many, but I really don't think there is such a thing as too many!

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the Brokaws said...

so adorable! He really is looking like he's growing!!