Wednesday, August 12, 2009

our first week

We left the hospital the day on Monday, Aug 3rd in the afternoon. That day "Grandma" S. came over and made supper and brought a variety of other goodies, then "Papa" came over to join us for supper. Mom stayed the night to allow me to get a little more rest in between feeding Christian. 

He has some room to grow in his crib!! Right now he's sleeping in our room in the pack n' play. He really does sleep fairly well at night. Since he was jaundiced, they recommended I feed him every 2 hours around the clock. I'm pretty sure he and I were both a little frustrated to have to do this, since we both would've rather been sleeping :) Every day we had to go to the doctor's office to get the bilirubin level drawn (that's what causes the jaundice). It made me quite sad to have to take him and get his poor little foot poked for the blood draw. Sunday was the last day we had to do that, we had to go to the hospital to get it drawn since the doctor's office was closed. I'm very glad the levels went down, and his skin color is now normal..not yellow.

His first bath at cute and clean!!!

Sitting in the sun to help with the jaundice. Whether it really helped or not, he didn't seem to mind the sun too much. 

Aunt Carissa came all the way from VA to see Christian. She had just returned from her month long trip to Paraguay on the 4th, and the 6th see was in KS holding her new nephew!

Uncle Mitch met Christian on the 8th..he was at class in Indiana for the week. Before he left he told us not to have the baby during this first week in August...I guess Christian didn't listen :) 

On our way to church for the first time, Christian was one week old exactly!!

Meeting Great-Grandpa and Grandma Hershberger! I hope he passed inspection :)

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