Monday, August 17, 2009

Going to see Daddy work

This summer Ben has been painting when his schedule and weather allow. He had painted for a company last summer, but this summer he's had enough work lined up on his own. It has worked out nicely to have a flexible work schedule since he took a couple summer classes..and then with Christian's birth and all. Since the beginning of the summer, he has started quite the collection to better his "business". We bought his cousin Daniel Penner's pick up truck, then he bought a ladder rack off of craig's list (which was then "enhanced/welded"  by Matt Alison), and lastly he bought a 40 ft+ ladder, also off of craig's list. Oh, and the guy that he's painting for right now said he could have the ladder he's using for that job when he's done (it's another really tall ladder). I know he really enjoys painting, and hopefully each summer it will work out to have enough projects to last until the start of school.

Christian and I decided to visit Ben at the house he's been working on painting for several weeks. We took him out to eat afterwards. Unfortunately the pictures don't prove the significant improvement because he has already covered the areas that changed the most. He's painted one other house this summer and completed a couple other smaller projects for people. He had hoped to be done with this one by today, but the weather wasn't exactly cooperating this week.
This side was completed already

The back of the house getting primed and caulked


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