Monday, August 24, 2009

Ben's Baptism

This last Sunday was an eventful day for us, especially Ben. He was baptized!!!! The baptism was at a lake just north of Wichita at 4 pm. Both our families were able to witness this special event. We both became members at the service as well. I've been attending First MB since the fall of 2006, and Ben joined me when he first moved to Wichita in 2007. We really enjoy the church and felt that becoming members was the next step. 

the group the became members, we're on the end


the group that was baptized, Ben's the 3rd one in from the left

Afterwards, we had the family over for supper (thanks to Mom and Dad Sweigart who made everything!!). Minus the multitude of flies outside, it was a very enjoyable evening spent together. What a great day!

Christian is already 3 weeks old today..and growing!


the fredin's said...

Wish we could have come to the baptism's! Darn work. Great pictures!

Ben and Jessica Hershberger said...

those are thanks to Alyssa, she was my professional photographer for the day :)