Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sweigart lake vacation

Last week we went to Beaver Lake in Arkansas with all the Sweigart family. I've looked forward to this vacation since I found out months ago.

Thursday night we celebrated Alyssa (June 9), Carissa (July 2), and my (June 1) birthdays. It was Alyssa's 30th, so we had a special game dedicated to her, involving 30 activities that had the number 30 in it somehow. 

Friday we all spent time on a pontoon on the lake. The boys spent the majority of the time with the jet ski and the BIG tube that Dad had bought. I was quite jealous, most years I spend the majority of the time on the jet ski or tubing...the doctor had told me jet skiing was not an option for me and baby Hershberger. 

Every night we had very tasty suppers and usually played some kind of game before going to bed. Sunburns and all, we spend Saturday down by the lake swimming/fishing and later enjoyed s'mores after supper. 

Sunday we had our own version of church which is always memorable and then packed up to head back to Kansas.

Reading to the kids before going to bed.

Maddox, Ava, and Kade exploring outside.

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