Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

I'm so glad to have my Mom. She really is a special woman (in a number of ways!). Many people may say over the years relationships with parents change for obvious reasons, but this is a good thing. Its a transition from feeling like a child, to becoming more of a friend (for me anyways). I feel blessed to have her around to ask questions to, to help me out, or to just talk to. Thank you for putting up with me Mom :). Hopefully my skills at motherhood are one of the traits I inherited from you.

Ben and I went to church in Hesston for Mother's Day (May 10). I was hoping to get called off from work, but that unfortunately didn't happen. John and Chris's hosted dinner for the Hershberger family. Ben was able to go to that, and see his Mom :) as well as the rest of the family. Then, he went to Mom and Dad Sweigart's for supper..and waited for me to come pick him up since we had drove together originally (I was really having high hopes to get off ). Luckily, they let me go at 8, so he didn't have to wait until after 11 to come home. Both Mom Sweigart and Mom Hershberger gave me flowers, which was very nice (even if I'm not a Mama quite yet!). 

And although Ben doesn't really write on here..I want to also thank Diana (Mom Hershberger) for being the mom she is...without her I wouldn't have my husband! I'm glad to have a thoughtful mother-in-law :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jessica. I love being a mom (and grandma) and know you will be a great mama!

chrisandginny said...

I believe you are mom NOW! You are just a mom to a baby who hasn't been born yet :)