Thursday, April 16, 2009

He has RISEN!

Easter is such a meaningful time to celebrate...Jesus' gift of salvation is such an incredible gift! 

We spent Easter in Hesston (well at least for a little bit I did)..had brunch/church at Whitestone, then went over to Mom and Dad Sweigart's for a bit of lunch before going to Grandma and Grandpa Hershberger's for another lunch. All the food was wonderful, and it was good to see everyone that came.

I had to leave for work mid-meal which was pretty disappointing. Ben was able to stay in Hesston, spending more time with both sides of the family. He said it was a good time..which I don't doubt. I quickly realized after getting to work why I didn't get called off, because it was quite busy and not enough nurses to go around. It ended up being an alright evening, I was the charge nurse (that happens when the "routine charge nurse" is either on vacation or sick). I think there is an unspoken (well, I guess sometimes spoken) understanding amongst people that work in a setting which requires you to work holidays, weekends, etc...obviously I love my job, but that is definitely not one of the perks. I'm scheduled for Mother's Day as well, I can hope that all the pregnant women do not feel a need to live up to the designated day!

Regardless of how we each celebrated, it was still a wonderful day and I'm grateful for what Christ did for us!

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