Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our growing valentine

Well, life is going good for us. I had the second Dr. appt today and everything is going as it should inside. The lil' baby is growing and that is becoming more obvious to me at least on the outside too. Hearing the heartbeat is always so amazing. I told the nurse today when she put the monitor on...I hear this everyday at work on other women, but when its my own baby it just is so exciting! You just can't help but smile :) 

Ben is back in his full schedule with classes at WSU and working at the elementary school mornings a week. Overall he enjoys his classes and work. This week he helped with parent teacher conferences in the evening, translating for the spanish speaking parents. Most Tuesday evenings he plays basketball at our church, which he enjoys, and its a way to meet more people there. 
Work for me is staying quite busy with the full time schedule. It is going good...always more babies to be born. I had a Margaret born yesterday, made me think of my Aunt Margie (Margaret) wasn't a name that I've heard used often lately :) And at least one Sunday a month I help in the nursery at church with the crawlers. Its a good way to meet more people, and help out too.  

My husband is now whining at me to go shave his I must do that before going to bed :)


the fredin's said...

I was hoping that the subject "Our growing valentine", would mean this post came along with pictures of the baby bump :) I think you need some pictures up here, cause baby benjamin is really starting to show!

Anonymous said...

i agree--baby jessi is really starting to show!!

Ben and Jessica Hershberger said...

you guys think you're funny :) we'll see about pics of that.

Leanne Kilmer said...

We are so happy for you!!! I wondered at Christmas and even asked Diana about it.
we love you both and cannot wait to meet the new Hershberger!!!

The Kilmers!