Thursday, December 4, 2008


As a labor and delivery nurse I witness a miracle every time a baby is born..and it really never gets old. I guess this week is above and beyond miracle week...not due to the number of babies born, but the stories that went with the pregnant mothers.
Two days ago, I helped with a c-section of a mother that was told her baby had anomalies that were incompatible with life. Meaning, once the baby was born the baby would maybe live a couple days maximum. They were sent to Kansas City last week from our hospital, because they found that the baby had severe spinal cord damage (thinking it was spina bifida), only one kidney, and hydrocephalus (alot of fluid around the head). The hope was that the specialized surgeons in KC could do surgery on the baby right after he was born and he would survive. She was prepped and ready for the c-section in KC, when the doctor came in and said they weren't going to do it because the baby was not going to survive and the anomalies were incompatible with life. So, they come back to Wichita and we were going to do the surgery and comfort care for the newborn. They were such a nice couple and ready for what they were facing...I'm sure a bit numb after the roller coaster ride of the mixed prognosis's they were told. We do the c-section, and they cover the exposed spinal defect, but do nothing further as far as "promoting life." However, the baby is crying and not terribly long after he is moving his legs and doing really pretty well. I asked the nurse from the NICU if the baby had a chance since it seemed to be doing fine, and she said no, it'll die. Well, yesterday I checked to see if the infant had made it or not...and it was in the NICU waiting to be transferred to Kansas City for surgery! It was peeing, and eating, and everything...everything they said it wasn't going to do. The baby was supposed to be flown today, and I pray that the surgeries go smoothly, and this family can bring home their baby boy Joshua. I just couldn't imagine going through all the emotions that they must have...trying to prepare themselves..and now hope for his life! Anyway, I thought that was pretty amazing..
Secondly, I had a mother last night that came in as an outpatient for contractions. She wasn't due until late January. When I went to put the monitors on her belly, I noticed a very large scar running all the way down her abdomen. I asked what it was from and she said it was from being stabbed. Obviously the questions didn't end with this...she was stabbed by her going to be ex-husband in the back and both sides of her neck in June of this year. They performed surgery to fix her kidney and carotid artery, as well as the excessive internal bleeding. Not only is this a miracle that she survived..but she was pregnant at the time it happened and didn't know it. She was just a few weeks along, and couple weeks later when she went in for an emergency appendectomy she found out. I told the lady that she was quite the walking miracle, and her baby must be meant to be for a reason.
Sorry this is so long..but these things don't happen everyday and when they do...there is no other words to describe it than "its a miracle."

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