Saturday, November 1, 2008

Costumes for all?!?

Although halloween isn't exactly a time that we "celebrate" was pretty fun to go to Hesston to wait for three little trick-or-treater's in particular. We stopped at our neighbors house first to see little Liam (5 months old) dressed up like a pea pod (I forgot to get him a food). Then we ate supper at Mom and Dad Sweigart's and spent the evening visiting..and bringing out the costumes we used from back in the day! The kitty mask is what I wore when I was 3 years old...only 22 years ago!

And Ben thought I looked scary in the kitty mask!!! He was able to create his own scariness on his own :). Oh, and no these were not the three trick-or-treater's I was talking about. Those three were MUCH cuter.

Kade was Bob the tomato (Veggie Tales)

Ava was Tinkerbell

Maddox was Larry Boy (Veggie Tales)

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the fredin's said...

oh my goodness..they are too adorable!! (the last three, that is :)