Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ms. Sweigart's class (day 4)

Friday, Ben and I went to the 4th grade classroom of Ms. Sweigart! It was such a nice school, brand new this year. Carissa teaches children that use english as their second language (ESL), which in addition to other home issues, makes for a more challenging classroom. We helped during their math station, which was fun. Then we went to recess with them...oohh boy! Yep, I went on the swirly thing that nobody should probably ride on more than once. And in the afternoon, her kids presented us with their read aloud short stories. They did such a good job, we both enjoyed ourselves. After visiting the classroom, interacting with the students, I can see why Carissa spends so much time at school. She does a pretty amazing job with those kids...and its clearly not an easy job.

We left before school was over, and went to a HUGE book fair outside of town. Wow, I'm not a big reader, but I could've spent hours looking at all the books there. We actually did spend almost 2 hours there! Friday evening, we took Carissa out to eat at a restaurant of her choice..it was Greek food. Then, we stopped in to see Darren's new home and spent the rest of the evening there. He has a nice place...he is in the process of painting the inside...when he moved in his bedroom was a surprising purple! I think by the time we visit again, that may be changed to a more masculine color.

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