Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hiking "Old Rag" (day 3)

Thursday, Carissa had parent teacher conferences at school. She took us out to eat for breakfast and then headed to work. I guess since she's the teacher it would be kind of important if she would be there. Ben and I headed out on a "little" hiking adventure to a trail called Old Rag.Before starting, the name itself pretty much hits the feeling you get WAY before the end. Somehow, before starting the trail we were in the wrong spot. We asked the park ranger where Old Rag was, and he pointed up...so we went up. A mile later we saw a sign with the trail map, and proceeded on our way, it was a 7.2 mile hike, with the extra mile that we already did. I tell ya what, KS doesn't have terrain like that and whew its a work out getting to the top. It was beautiful weather and scenery getting there though. As we got to the top we realized that we had started this backwards, since we began in the wrong place. This made the next part maybe a bit more tricky...which was the rock scramble. Needless to say, we took a few "alternate" routes to get back to the main trail more than once. It was hard to know which way to go because the little blue marks were pointing us in the direction towards the top, not to get out of there. There was a sixth grade field trip on the trail...and we had to laugh when we passed them going in the opposite direction (everybody we passed was going in the opposite direction for that matter) as one boy was moaning, "are the at the bus yet?". Poor little guy, he was just a trucking a way..yet I felt the same way and I'm a few years older than him! Anyways, after we got down to the switch-backs we felt a little bit better just knowing that we were indeed still on the right path. And the final stretch, which normally would be an all downhill experience...you guessed it, was an all up hill slope for us (the backwards thing again). Our feet were burning, our legs sore, our hips aching....BUT, it was a beautiful hike!!! I had wanted to see a bear, but no bear...they kept having signs that it they were out there...only trace that we saw was a "greedy bear dropping". That was Ben's words for it, I won't go into detail about it...but it was a form of bear poop.

We got back to Harrisonburg, picked up Carissa from school...and since one of her roommates had borrowed her car, she didn't have keys to her house. Guess who got to climb in through the bathroom window...yep, me. We had supper and a nice shower, and then left to go watch a TV show with some friends of Carissa. But wait, were would the keys to the car be after we already left the house...yes that's right...guess who got to go in through that same bathroom window again...ding ding ding, me. Needless to say, I think both Ben and I slept really hard that night, our whole body sore!

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the fredin's said...

wow..i love that picture at the top of all of the trees. sounds like an eventful hike :)