Friday, September 12, 2008

Real WET!!

Well, I still don't have a camera..its on back order and hopefully will arrive within a couple weeks. If I did, I would show you all a picture of our new lake in our backyard...I didn't know we necessarily wanted one, but looks as if we have one that continues to grow as the day goes on. The rain started yesterday and it doesn't sound like it is going to stop until Monday. Mom had knee surgery today, and I had planned on visiting here before going to work at 11 am. Fortunately, I was put on call because just when I was getting ready to leave I realized that unless my Honda turns into a boat I won't be leaving our street anytime soon! I'm hoping that the rain lets up a little bit..because Ben went to work at the elementary school this morning, and I'm kind of concerned how he will get home. The news just said that west wichita (where we are) has received 9-11 in" of rain so far...YIKES! I guess we should be glad we aren't living in Texas and we still have our home.


the fredin's said...

Thanks for going on the little outing with me in the vue :). I think we could turn into regular weather reporters.

The Vanatta's said...

You and Kellie are crazy girls! You needed a canoe to get around, not a vue!

Ben and Jessica Hershberger said...

true that will have to be the next purchase, a boat for our neighborhood rain days.