Friday, September 19, 2008

loving this weather

It's hard to believe that we had all that rain last week. This week has been absolutely gorgeous! Before the cool air starts in, we decided to get the windows painted. Perhaps it will be an ongoing process until the weather makes it impossible to complete...but hopefully it'll be done by then. The front windows are done, so I guess as far as looks go, that's a good thing. We are painting the trim of the storm windows as well so it all is brown..I must say I like the look much better. It's one of those things that you wouldn't necessarily think about it if they weren't painted, but you can tell the difference now that they are. (not sure if that makes sense?) At any rate, it is quite a time consuming task..but I can't complain because being outside has been just beautiful. I would show pictures...but oh yes, the camera hasn't come yet..apparently still on back order. I'll give a brief rundown of how it goes, since normally I would have pictures to demonstrate... unscrew the wierd old way that the storm window is connected, remove storm window, wipe it off (very dirty), use steel wool around the trim (I don't like the sound or feeling that it makes when you rub the metal), prime trim with special primer, paint x 2 coats, use razor blade to remove excess paint off glass, clean very well without leaving streaks...meanwhile, clean window and paint, cleaning very well again...then putting them all back together! Wa-lah!

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the fredin's said...

Very impressive jessica :). you guys' house looks so good. you just keep hanging out outside and liam and i will just keep coming and visiting you while you are working :)