Monday, September 22, 2008

cute little campers

This weekend we went to Hesston to spend the night with Maddox and Ava (Kade was there too, he wasn't quite old enough to partcipate in the camping part). They were staying at Grandpa and Grandma's house while their parents were at the bluegrass festival (I'm jealous!).
So, I thought we should have ourselves an adventure and campout in our tent. Maddox helped Ben set it up, and later in the evening we "hiked" out to the tent with all our goodies for a restful night of sleep :) Well, surprisingly after the bedtime story Ben told Maddox and Ava slept through the night. As far as sleep goes for Ben and I...well, it was worth the experience!

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the fredin's said...

hope the two hours of sleep was worth it! :) it sure looks like it was...looks like they had fun. they are so dang cute!