Monday, July 21, 2008

July weddings

More traveling...last month it was reunions, this month it is weddings! Kira Johnson and Pete VanderPloeg got married near Denver, CO on July 12th. Kira is a college friend of Ben's. We carpooled with other college friends and had a good time. Jack and Karen (Ben's uncle/aunt) live outside of Denver so we were able to stay with them and visit for the brief weekend. The weekend was beautiful all around.

Hesston College friends/alumni

The following weekend, Camille Birky (my cousin) and Russell Adrian were married in Mountain Lake, MN on July 19th. My mom rode up with us, leaving very early the morning of the wedding. The wedding went well and they had a very tasty reception dinner. Usually we don't to see the Birky family this much in one summer (our wedding, reunion, this wedding), but it has been a nice treat.

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